The West Sussex Bar Billiards League - in words & pictures
For the Bar Billliards junkie
By: Steve Anscombe

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Thursday, 27-Mar-2008 18:02 Email | Share | | Bookmark

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Just a few to tickle you fine folks - we in the WSBBL are forever seeking ways to reach a wider audience and thereby increase the degree of embarrassment these piccies can cause and can now also be found on Facebook!! And on YouTube.

Friday, 11-Jan-2008 21:48 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Tigerishly tantalising!

A brief - and early - glimpse into the World of Pink, Wednesday gone. With nobody to play with; the world's most entertaining BB team - and I dare anyone to dispute that statement - undertook their third all-venue tour. Starting this year at the Railway, with Obi at the controls of his very own Millennium Falcon; the force descended upon all home venues in one night - the proof being images of a mystery celebrity tiger and at least one action shot per venue. Ours is a pancake league really. Flat and with considerable distance from one edge to the other. Getting round all venues is a feat to be attempted ONLY by totally qualified lunatics prepared to place their collective existence in the hands of a BMW driver...

Rock on dudes!

Monday, 17-Dec-2007 21:19 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Pictorial piccies of a pixelated nature.

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Quite frankly, Frank - words and no images a dull wotsit do make. In the interest of continued sanity I present imagery of the non imaginary nature. Collected, collated and culled from recent wanderings into places where there be welcome and sometimes even a game, here we are in some of our glory.

Scant return for many weeks in the outback, but there's more you know!

The very final one, by the way, is of a diversionary nature, but represents a sport with far bigger balls and much more green stuff to whack 'em about on! It is also great fun to play - and very, very addictive

Friday, 30-Nov-2007 17:01 Email | Share | | Bookmark

Poor site indeed - I suppose one needs to get out more if the piccies are to make a return.

I find myself in a state of limbo really - having effectively semi-retired before the start of the season, opportunities have been limited. Even now, as we find ourselves waiting for the chance to move out - but not knowing exactly where; committing to a team is guaranteed to result in tears before bedtime!

However; there's a few grainy wotsits gained from here & there...

Or there would be if I could find them. Format..mumble mumble.

I WILL find them...

Sunday, 30-Sep-2007 20:52 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Off and running...

My wife and I have snuck back to The Railway for the short term - and so far have made a stonking impact upon the doubles!
One has played and lost both singles games, but firstly at the Maypole (partnering Landlord Matt) and last week at The Oak, with Jacqui, managing to outwit the opposition.

This week, we are mostly waiting to see whether the new team on the block are going to be there or square - and as I don't get ye weeklies any more, what with my being an ex-officio and all, I don't know whether week two was more of an event than week one.

In the meantime, I'll be keeping an eye out!!

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